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Optima Technical Working Group Meeting

The Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Optimised Efficiency Allocation Modelling of Sri Lanka met to discuss the preliminary results of the Optima analysis, focusing on objectives, HIV modelling approach, key population modalities, investment case scenarios, prioritization of HIV programmes, and opportunities with limited resources. They also discussed priorities with further available resources, reduced budget, and reaching 95-95-95 by 2030. The meeting highlighted key limitations and discussed prioritization at different budget levels. The next steps discussed were finalizing the analysis for the National HIV/STI Strategic Plan 2023-2030(NSP), using results in funding requests for the Global Fund, providing a final detailed report and policy brief, simplifying and presenting the results in key messages for advocacy, and holding a dissemination meeting and community workshop in March and April. The proposal to adopt the Optima Technical Working Group to a "Financial Sustainability Technical Working Group" was discussed and agreed upon by all members. *Optima HIV is a tool used by decision-makers to determine the best allocation of resources and coverage levels for HIV programmes in specific settings. It uses a mathematical model that incorporates epidemiological, behavioural, spending, and coverage data to determine the optimal distribution of investments for maximum impact. The tool can inform funding allocations and target programme coverage levels, improving HIV and health-policy decision-making.

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