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About FPA Sri Lanka

Established in 1953, The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPA Sri Lanka) serves as a non-governmental organization (NGO) that explores innovative and challenging processes of family Planning in Sri Lanka. We are proud to be one of the most expansive and well known NGO's in the country that focuses on family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health and welfare.

At FPA Sri Lanka we believe that reproductive Health is a fundamental human right of every woman and man throughout her/his life cycle. Therefore we focus on the following key areas pertaining to sexuality and reproductive Health:

  • To provide adequate information and services
  • Training and interventions
  • Seeking to improve the acceptability, accessibility and the quality of SRH
  • To integrate human rights based and gender sensitive approaches

Through the above focus we work to safe guard and fulfil reproductive Health related needs of the people. As an organization we uphold the commitment of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and its aspirations for universal access to sexual and reproductive Health services as a significant factor in combating poverty.

We contribute to improve the accessibility of a wide range of sexual and reproductive Health services by incorporating the following into our work:

  • family Planning and contraception
  • Safe Motherhood (including components related to unwanted pregnancies)
  • Sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS)
  • SRH information and counselling for adolescents and youth
  • Promotion of mental health and provision of counselling
  • Sub-fertility treatment and counselling


A country with access to Sexual and Reproductive Health as a right to all


To advocate Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and provide services whilst maintaining sustainability and volunteerism to improve quality of life for all.

Core Values

  • Passion - We are passionate about what we do
  • Volunteerism - We believe in the spirit of volunteerism as central to achieving our goals and ideals
  • Accountability - We value participatory, consensus-oriented, accountable and transparent decision making
  • Diversity - We believe in diversity and equality in extending our services to everyone who needs them
  • Inclusiveness - We uphold social inclusion and non-discrimination

Welcome to FPA Sri Lanka’s website! Whatever the reason you visited our website for, we are pleased to demonstrate to you the wide array of services and activities of our organization in the important area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Our journey began 70 years ago, introducing Family Planning services to the country when no other party was keen on doing it. A policy decision taken by the government in 1962, integrated Family Planning to the Maternal and Child Health services rendered by the state. A large quantum of work FPA Sri Lanka has done subsequent to this move has ensured that Family Planning products can be accessed by all through the pharma trade, SRH education is taken to youth and needy groups, and free SRH services are accessible for the Poor, Marginalized and Under-served communities.

Thus working hand-in-hand with the government, complementing and supplementing products and services, and advocating remedies for policy gaps, FPA Sri Lanka has contributed to Sri Lanka achieving excellent health indices on Sexual and Reproductive Health . Our focus is still on SRH, working towards the lofty vision of “building a country with Sexual and Reproductive Heath, as a right to all”. In this attempt, we engage with multiple stakeholders, and the full spectrum of activities presently done is demonstrated on this site. If they inspire you, I suggest you join us as a volunteer, a group that forms the backbone of our organization.

There still remains a lot to be done in the realization of our vision in areas as education, advocacy and policy reforms. FPA Sri Lanka’s commitment to this cause is unwavering and will continue in the years to come. The organization will remain responsive to the ever-changing and increasing needs of our communities to deliver our mandate.

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