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Fostering Community Empowerment

A workshop focusing on Community-Led Monitoring, spearheaded by Dr. Ajith Karawita, the National Consultant, along with Delusha Perera, Coordinator of the SKPA 2 Community-Led Monitoring Programme, and Jayanthi Kuru-Uthumpala, serving as the Human and Gender-based Violence Consultant for SKPA 2, warmly welcomed participation from Community-Based Organizations and Civil Society members in the 'Phase Three' Provinces of Uva, East, and Central. This workshop aimed to provide an engaging and insightful platform for exploring the principles and practices of Community-Led Monitoring.


Throughout the workshop, we embarked on the following objectives:

  • Enhancing comprehension of CLM (Community-Led Monitoring)
  • Analyzing insights gleaned from the pilot CLM project
  • Identifying priorities for the improvement of HIV services
  • Facilitating discussions on the crucial roles of CSOs and Government healthcare clinics in bolstering HIV services.
  • Management and Resolution of Serious Incidents 

United in our efforts, our aim is to ignite substantial transformation and cultivate a culture of community-driven accountability.

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