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Community-led Monitoring (CLM) Technical Working Group Meeting

Community-led monitoring (CLM) is an important aspect of community engagement in HIV program delivery. It involves community-based organizations and members assessing the quality and accessibility of the HIV services they receive to advocate for improvements in service delivery. CLM is owned and led by the communities, and the data collected is used by communities to monitor the quality of the services they receive. This shifts the dynamic from service providers monitoring service quality to monitoring led by the people who use the services. CLM in Sri Lanka was initiated by forming a Technical Working Group (TWG) to oversee the activity.

This group is comprised mainly of individuals of the key populations vulnerable to HIV, and key officials involved with the National HIV/STI prevention programme. The newly formed CLM TWG of the SKPA-2 project gathered to validate the CLM tool kit that was translated into local languages and decide on Indicators for CLM before initiating the activity. The Technical Working Group came to a consensus that the Sinhala and Tamil drafts need to incorporate the changes made at this meeting, and enumerators were decided on at the meeting.

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