This can be due to various causes.

  1. Hydrocoele–collection of fluid around the testis in the scrotal sac.
  2. Hernia
  3. Filariasis affecting the scrotum

Please remember that you should seek medical assistance in these instances !!!


This is the involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep in a male. Its a natural thing during adolescence, which is nothing to be scared of. Also, it is not harmful to your body.


Please note that it has no effect on weight loss in the body.


You should seek medical assistance for this. You may need to undergo a minor surgical procedure, in which the foreskin will be removed, which is called “Circumcision” When the foreskin is not retractile, it can cause pain during love-making, which can reduce the satisfaction.


It may sometimes be a symptom of a disease. Therefore, it’s best sorted out by a medical professional, an expert in the field.


NO! : This is  a myth held by both males and females. But, the size of the penis has no effect on the satisfaction during mating. Remember, the size may vary from person to person.


This is mostly due to psychological reasons. But, sometimes it may be due to other causes like diabetes, excessive use of alcohol, smoking. Also, this can occur as a side effect of long term use of certain medications. 


It is when ejaculation occurs during sexual intercourse sooner, than you or your partner wishes. It is mostly due to psychological causes. Yet, sometimes it may be due to physical causes.Therefore, its best that you seek medical assistance, because this is an easily overcome problem, most of the time.


No. This is a natural event for both males & females.



The is a natural occurrence, in females, after puberty due to the changes in the hormones throughout the menstrual cycle. This has no odour and is a colorless fluid which is non itchy. Its fluidity varies with throughout menses. But,don’t worry…..This is not a disease. But you need to maintain good hygiene.

Also, this has no effect in weight loss.

But,you should always seek medical advice when the vaginal discharge has an odour, itchy or has a change in the colour or is mixed with blood.


A PAP test can detect it very early, when the cells have just started changing into a cancer. This will enable your doctor to take precautions to prevent it from developing into a cancer.

Yes, there is a link between obesity and subfertility, both in males and females.

The release of the egg, which usually occurs mid cycle (14days prior to menses), sometimes causes such a pain.

This is mainly genetically determined. Sex hormones in the body, also determines the age of menarche. So, if the production of these hormones is delayed due to various reasons, menarche can be delayed.Usually, a girl attains around the age 11-13. But, if it is delayed more than 17 years, you should consult a doctor.

The growth of a beard is a secondary sexual characteristic in a male. The rate at which the beard is growing, it’s thickness varies from person to person. You should not worry too much over this.

The size of the breast is determined at birth. There is no specific drug or ointment to increase the size of the breast. Also, the size of the breasts has no effect on the marriage life & breast feeding.

Anyway, surgical options are available to increase the size of the breast.

After menarche, it will take some time for the egg release from the ovary (ovulation) to be regularized.

Your periods occurs due to the changes in levels in the sex hormones in the body. This is a common complaint during the young age. The most common causes for this may be

  • Psychological stress
  • Longterm illnesses
  • A change in the weather
  • An imbalance in hormones(sex hormones, thyroid hormones etc.)
  • A drastic change in the weight (an increase or loss)


There is no scientific evidence about any harm from bathing on these days. It is very important that you maintain a good hygiene, specially on these days.

Yes, you can have sex on your period

This is usually nothing to be scared of. Hot fermentation and a simple pain killer like paracetamol can give you relief.

This may be due to the presence of a lot of hair in this area & excessive sweating in this area facilitating bacterial infections readily. So, personal cleanliness & use of cotton undergarments may help you overcome this condition.


Sometimes, a girl may be born without a hymen. Sometimes, depending on the placement of the hymen, you may not bleed. Thus, the the absence of bleeding in the first intercourse is not a suitable method of checking the virginity.