It is a small contraceptive device made of latex or rubber.

How does it act?
Acts as a barrier and prevents the sperm entering the vagina

What are the benefits in using a condom?

  • Protects against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Fertility is not affected in the long term

Problems that you may encounter

  • May reduce sexual satisfaction
  • You may develop an allergy for rubber or latex (very rare)

How to use?

There are two flexible rings at both ends.

  • Smaller ring – This forms the closed end of the condom. It is the part which is inserted in and anchors over the cervix.
  • Larger ring – This part remains outside the vagina.
  • The female condom must be properly positioned before any contact occurs between the penis and vagina and/or rectum.
  • Twist the smaller ring to form the figure of 8 prior to insertion and push it in to the vagina with a finger until anchored on the cervix.
  • Insert it in such a way that ½ “ of the sheath with larger ring remains outside the vagina
  • Anchor the larger ring around the lips outside the vagina (labia ).

What should be done if it slips during intercourse?
Stop intercourse immediately. Take the female condom out carefully, so that the sperm stays inside the pouch. Use a new female condom if you continue having sexual intercourse. Add extra lubricant to the opening of the pouch or on the penis and then insert the new female condom. Contact your doctor immediately if you are worried and discuss emergency contraception.

Does it protect me against sexually transmitted diseases?
Yes it reduces the risk when correctly used with every act of sex.