Several thin flexible capsules made of a rubber like material filled with hormones (progesterone) are inserted just under the skin of a woman’s upper arm in a minor surgical procedure.

Types of Implants

Trade Name Unit Duration of action
Jadelle 2 capsules 5 years
Implanon 1 capsule 3 years
  • Females of the child bearing age release eggs (ova) from the ovaries (female sex organ), usually every 28 days. A pregnancy results when an egg combines with a sperm (fertilization). The main action of implants is to prevent this release of eggs (ova).
  • In addition it thickens the cervical mucus making the sperm migration difficult, within the female reproductive tract.
  • Also, it makes the uterine lining (lining of the womb) thin so that the implantation of the embryo (early pregnancy stage) will not take place.
  • A very effective method 99.9%. Contraceptive effect is immediate if implanted within the first 5 days of period.
  • If you want to postpone your first pregnancy for 3 – 5 years.
  • If you want to space your pregnancies.
  • If you have completed your family.
  • When a method not interfering with sexual intercourse is needed.
  • When an effective long term method is needed.

Who should not use Implants?

  • Established or suspected pregnancy.
  • Women with a history of breast cancer.
  • Those who have abnormal vaginal bleeding.
  • History of stroke or heart disease.
  • History of liver disease.
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure with complications.
  • If you have regular monthly bleed:
    • Within first 5 days of the menses.
  • If you are breast feeding :
    • After six weeks of delivery.
  • Following abortion: 
    • If abortion occurred during first 3 months of pregnancy –implant is given within 1st week of abortion.
  • The implants should be inserted and removed at an institution under sterile conditions by trained personnel.
  • A local anaesthetic will be given to make the procedure pain free.
  • The capsules will be inserted on the inner aspect of the upper arm about 5 inches above the elbow joint.
  • The outer bandage should be removed after 3 days, and the plaster removed after 5 days.
  • Do not wet that area for 3 days after insertion.
  • If there is bruising of that area,you can ferment with warm water. Follow up
  • If you want to continue with the implants after the stipulated time of use is over, a second set can be inserted to the other arm.
  • You can continue using Implants up to the age of 50 years.
  • First follow up visit should be ideally done 4 -6 weeks after insertion but you should  come to the clinic if any problem arises.
  • Breast examination, pap smears, blood pressure, blood sugar test and BMI should be done at follow ups annually
  • Changes in your period – You won’t have your period every month, but instead have irregular, unpredictable bleeding. This is annoying but not a serious problem. Many women stop having their menstrual periods while on depo provera which is not a reason to worry. You will get your menstrual periods back within 6 to 18 months after you stop taking the injection.
  • Weight gain – due to increased appetite. This can be controlled by regular exercise and taking a healthy diet.
  • Headaches and dizziness.