Who we are

The goal is to increase Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) knowledge and awareness in the community, especially among young people as socio-cultural norms passed down by older generations continue to view the discussion of sex/sexuality as taboo. With the advancement of information technology, young people are exposed to vast amounts of information on SRH from various sources mostly being unreliable and misleading. Yet, they are unable to discuss questions they have within the family, with friends, teachers, or even with the family physician due to embarrassment; resulting in isolation and confusion relating to SRH issues. Further, issues faced by young people and unmarried individuals are not sufficiently addressed by mainstream education or the health system.

happy life text increases access to reliable SRH information to underserved social groups in a secure space


What we do

  • happy life logo creates a tri-lingual space for dialogue and the dissemination of SRH information and counselling services.

  • happy life logo capitalizes on the high number of users of smart phones and devices worldwide and uses social media as a platform of communication with youth.

  • The information/ counselling services are provided by qualified doctors/counsellors. The anonymity of the individual seeking advice and confidentiality of the communication is assured.

  • Our website provides accurate and up to date information on a variety of topics relating to SRH and health and well-being.

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